Linux in the Enterprise space has grown at a furious pace, and new technologies like virtualization and cloud having an ever growing presence in the Data Center. Klaftech Data Systems is now focused on providing Linux based platform infrastructure solutions to the enterprise.

We support all Linux OS platforms on physical and virtual environments, KVM virtualization technology, and Linux High Availability Resilient database and applications solutions. We also provide strategic consultation on Linux environment and build solutions.


No matter the size of the enterprise or the height of the hurdle, our team is able to offer precisely what is required. We pride ourselves on being able to assist clients in the transition from previous IT systems in a smooth, supported and technical fashion. From the onset we provide planning, continual support and technical expertise to ease the transition. With local experience and national support, we are able to assist each company in their individual endeavor while implementing tested solutions. Having helped many companies make such a transition, we offer a custom tailored solution for any situation and combination of requirements; always taking into consideration case specific desires and necessities.


The key issue for IT departments is the cost it takes for organizations to maintain their server infrastructure when they could be focusing on other projects that add value. Challenges such as inconsistent processes, incompatible assets, workforce mobility and rising security threats all hinder your ability to maintain your service levels. It’s also crucial that your infrastructure platform is aligned to your company’s strategic goals, processes and strategies.
Our excellent skilled professionals carry out the design, deployment and after sales support of the infrastructure solutions. All this is carried out while focusing on customer requirements and optimization to improve your return of investment. Designs of various proportions are presented as a choice to the customer to select based on their budget and requirements.

Competencies & Expertise

Klaftech Data Systems staffs a select team of excellently skilled and experienced personnel in the respective areas of business. They are knowledgeable in the following:

  •       • Strategic Consultation
  •       • Infrastructure Solutions
  •       • Storage & Business Continuity
  •       • Cloud Computing
  •       • Virtualization
  •       • Backup Solutions
  •       • Training & Education


We specialize in integration of multiple open standard technologies, combining them to provide value to the customers’ investments. Klaftech Data Systems does not focus on any specific industry for its solutions, instead, we believe in tapping all possible areas of customer business, right from telecommunication companies to chain of restaurants. This indicates our design and technical capabilities regardless of the customer industry.


Designs that help customers extract maximum returns out of their investment in Information Technology infrastructure. Klaftech Data Systems visions to lead the light of innovative solution design by individualized attention to details and customer relations.


Klaftech Data Systems is a solution providing division, delivering infrastructure solutions in the areas of domain & hosting, web & application development, enterprise infrastructure platform, security, virtualization, training and professional services.


Management and support of the IT infrastructure plays a major role in customer business areas. IT management, administration, maintenance and support services are also an integral part of our offerings to customers.
Klaftech Data Systems's support services is able to optimize our clients’ ICT environment by providing 24x7 cover, 9-5 cover, permanent on-site staff, on-call staff and remote support with the expertise you require against a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Sales Team