• Vision / Mission
  • History
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Our Vision

Since its inception, Klaftech Data Systems had the goal to build the most reputable brand in the internet industry. Through our unwavering commitment and achievements, we aim to become the leading end-to-end solution provider.

Our Mission

Klaftech Data Systems strives to achieve a level of service that outperforms the competition. This will be achieved by providing services that cover internet related issues as well as being officially partnered with respected thought leaders and experts in the IT and internet communities.


Klaftech Data Systems began as a home-based business in 2006 by an entrepreneur named Elchonon Klafter. His vision was to create a company which would provide the local market with complete internet and IT solutions.

The keys to our expansion were:

  • • Being a market leader in hosting and domain related services.
  • • Our reputation as an advanced technical company with regards to Unix and Linux.

our team

  • Elchonon Klafter

    Project Director
  • Yehonasan Klafter

    Executive Manager